The David Crowder*Band is one of my favorite bands, but this was a show that almost didn’t happen for me.  I had tried to get a photo pass to the show, but waited too long and they didn’t have any available.  The show was sold out, but I was planning on going anyway and grabbing a ticket at the door (church groups are notorious for buying too many tickets and selling their extras at the show).  But then work went late, and I didn’t think I was going to make it in time to grab an extra ticket, so I just decided not to go.

Before I left work, I posted a tweet about my decision to not go to the show.

While I was driving home from work, my buddy Austin Mann saw the tweet and sent me a message… “Dude, I actually know the Crowder guys pretty well. Give me a few minutes and let me see what I can do.”

About an hour later, I was in the sold-out show shooting away.  I captured some of my favorite images that night, so I’m very thankful to Austin for helping me out.

Without further ado, here are the shots…

Brandon Lozano, drummer for Danyew (this guy was crazy!)

Steven Samuels, guitar tech and hooker-upper extraordinaire

David Crowder, singing into the I Am T-Pain app on his iPhone during “Church Music [Dance!]

The David Crowder*Band

The crowd gets excited for a Twitpic

David Crowder, being all orangey and whatnot

Jack Parker, guitarist for The David Crowder*Band

Jack again

My favorite shot from the night, Jack during the guitar solo for “God Almighty, None Compares

Another angle of the guitar solo. You can see Mark Waldrop over on the other side doing his part of the solo (well, I suppose it would technically be a duet?)

I shot some video as well, but I don’t have time to post it at the moment.  I’ll get a few clips up later so you can more fully appreciate the awesomeness that is The David Crowder*Band if you’ve never listened to them before :-)

If you want to check them out, my two favorite albums are A Collision Or (3+4=7) and their newest, Church Music

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